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Summer Art Camps:

Monday - Friday

1.5 hours daily

June TBA

June TBA

After school sessions


1.5 hours daily

Students will learn the fundamentals of various topics and media including:

Oil pastels

Acrylic paints

Mixed media

Elements of Design

Color mixing

Learning how to "see" as an artist

Learning how to talk about others art (critique)


Introduction to Creative Thinking

(Ages 6-8)

Projects will be built around historical styles of prominent artists. A brief introduction to the history of art and how the students can emulate the chosen themes. Students will draw with oil pastels, paint with acrylics and study mixed media applications.


Two-dimensional Studies

(Ages 9-11)

Using a combination of materials, students will learn essential concepts of composition, elements of design and color. We will explore topics such as gradation, light and shadows and perspective. Students will work in oil pastels, acrylic paint and pencil.


Budding Masters

(Age 12-14 )

My Budding Masters will dive futhur into color relations, multiple perspectives and creating your own personal style. Through various media, we will approach the artistic process with convicition and expertise. From pointillism to hatching and expressionistic brushwork to accurate blending, students will search for a technique and application that matches their own unique expression. Students will work with oil pastels, acrylic paint and pencil.